Golf Club O&M Business

We have differentiated competitiveness in the integrated management of Golf Club.

Business Introduction

With advancement in industrialization, people have gained material wealth and abundance, but have lost stability and mental relaxation.

The goal of our Golf Club O&M Business division is to provide a service that will move the hearts of the customers by providing a resting place for customers who are stressed out from work and need refreshing from his/her daily life.

Yido will strive to provide services that are trustworthy and services that are desired by our customers by being a company that aims for righteous management rather than profits, to provide mental relaxation and healing of the Korean people and people all over the world.

YIDO Golf Club O&M Business Division

Golf Club O&M Business

We provide world-class integrated management operation know-how that include best golf courses for golfers, facility management, membership management, F&B, banquet service and etc.

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