Real Estate O&M Business

We manage and operate all aspects of operation and maintenance of commercial real estate, corporate real estate, residential and retail facilities.

Business Introduction

We provide a “A to Z” One-stop service on all aspects of real estate.

The real estate business team not only provides asset management and facility management services for commercial real estate and corporate real estate, it also provides consulting on the status of the real estate (purchase / sale), lease, consulting to increase real estate value and optimized services to clients

YIDO Real Estate O&M Business Division

Property Management

We provide differentiated services to maximize the asset value and profitability of our customer’s assets such as commercial, residential and industrial properties.

Through systematic asset management such as lease management, financial management, cost management, we reduce management costs and simplify operations and help customers to create optimized business solutions.


  • ㆍSupervise and carry out maintenance work
  • ㆍSupervise construction and carry out regular inspection
  • ㆍSafety management
  • ㆍLeasing venue

Leasing Management

  • ㆍSecure new tenants and lease contracts
  • ㆍEnhance the satisfaction of existing tenants
  • ㆍBilling and collecting lease / management expenses
  • ㆍConduct market surveys and determine the appropriate lease / management expenses

Financial Management

  • ㆍCreate annual operating budget
  • ㆍManagement of costs and profits
  • ㆍPrepare management plan, regular financial reporting

Outsourcing Management

  • ㆍPrepare and implement bids for outsourcing companies
  • ㆍSelect and supervise outsourcing companies
  • ㆍTraining on customer service

Facility Management

A professional service to improve operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs by maintaining the facilities in optimal condition. We maintain the value of our customer’s asset value through specialized and systematic management of facility operation and maintenance, secure parking management, environment and sanitation management and etc.

Electrical Equipment

  • ㆍOperation and maintenance of electric infrastructure equipment
  • ㆍCourt appointment and placement of technical personnel in accordance with relevant statutes

Machinery Equipment

  • ㆍOperation and maintenance of heating and cooling, exhaust, HVAC and sanitary facilities
  • ㆍCourt appointment and placement of technical personnel in accordance with relevant statutes of gas/heat source facilities

Fire / BAS

  • ㆍInspection and maintenance of firefighting infrastructure equipment
  • ㆍOperation and maintenance of BAS equipment (air conditioning/ lighting/ power control, etc.)
  • ㆍCourt appointment and placement of technical personal in accordance with relevant statues on fire protection


  • ㆍInspection and maintenance of damages on building finishes and other damages

Defect inspection

  • ㆍRepair defects through technical inspection of new and acquired buildings
  • ㆍSecurity and parking management services
  • ㆍCleaning / sanitary services

Leasing Management

We provide unique insights to meet the needs of tenants and investors along with professionals with extensive experience and knowledge on real estate. In addition, our Korean experts actively utilize in-depth real estate market insight and differentiated data to assist clients to make more accurate and informative decisions on real estate leasing.

Rental Marketing

  • ㆍRental Market analysis and forecasts
  • ㆍTarget property analysis
  • ㆍDetermine appropriate lease rate
  • ㆍAnalyze optimal space utilization
  • ㆍAttract good tenants

Lease Marketing

  • ㆍTenant lease term analysis
  • ㆍRight analysis
  • ㆍPlan to secure Deposits and bonds
  • ㆍDetermine appropriate property and proposal

Investment Advisory

Based on an accurate standing of the market, we provide customized services tailored to customers’ needs in all areas of investments, including sale of commercial real estate, funding, purchasing and etc. We assist to provide vast knowledge on the market and clear methods to help customers reach their goal accurately in the fastest way possible.

Sale Consulting

  • ㆍSale Consulting
  • ㆍAnalyze sale property, market survey
  • ㆍDetermine appropriate sale price
  • ㆍAttract potential buyers
  • ㆍPrepare sales contract and deposit proceeds from sale

Purchase Consulting

  • ㆍAnalyze term of purchase, market survey
  • ㆍDetermine appropriate purchase price
  • ㆍProposal of purchased real estate list
  • ㆍPrepare purchase contract and complete contract


Based on the customer’s core business goals and needs, the best strategic decision-making is made through real estate business decisions, reducing costs, creating value and improving performance. Yido provides due diligence on commercial real estate and establishes plans to create a most effective utilization plan for corporate real estate.

Asset inspection

  • ㆍInspect defects and deterioration of buildings
  • ㆍEnergy cost analysis and facility / facility LCC analysis
  • ㆍAcquisition of newly-built building
  • ㆍPropose Value Up plan through risk analysis

Establish a corporate real estate portfolio strategy

  • ㆍDetermine the status of real estate owned
  • ㆍPhysical and market survey
  • ㆍClassification of properties for sale, retention, lease according to the business purpose
  • ㆍStep-by-step strategic plan