Business Overview

We are expanding our business to various areas including environment, infrastructure, concession management and project management.

YIDO is developing as an “O&M Platform Company providing total solutions” for customers through endless creation and innovation.

YIDO is the only integrated management and project management company in Korea that is in the forefront leading the infrastructure, concession, real estate asset management business as well as the environmental business that is emerging as a core business in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

As industries develop, YIDO is at the forefront in improving the environment through handling the increasing amounts of waste.
YIDO is currently operating and is planning to operate more landfills, incineration plants and waste treatment plants. With hopes of spurring expansion in the renewable energy business such as the SRF power generation and fuel cell which can reduce global warming, YIDO plans to convert valuable resources that would be thrown away into high-quality new renewable energy. In addition, YIDO plans to expand into the Water treatment business, to manage the usage of clean water.

Outside of the traditional way of operating our business, YIDO provid es a unique service in the environmental O&M area through providing total solutions such as finance, design, construction etc., as well as unique new technologies and patents.
Furthermore, we will continue to carry out existing “integrated management and operation services” for the government on social overhead capital facilities such as roads, bridges, tunnels, environmental facilities and rest areas and customized management service for customers in terms of planning and carrying out these facilities through the private sector business

We also manager and oversee the operation of commercial real estate, corporate real estate, residential and sales facilities, golf courses and dormitories
YIDO will provide a verified and differentiated “Total Service” through a deep insight of the market, experience and competence of extraordinary engineers, strong synergy of group companies and a customized and specialized business model system.

YIDO is a partner that can respond to rapidly changing market trends and grow with customers and contribute to the development of society.