CEO Message

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YIDO executives and employees will become reliable partners in the company's
continued growth and opening up a happy future for customers, shareholders and investors.

A better quality of life for Innovative O&M Platform Provider

YIDO stakeholders,
Starting with Ulsan Bridge in February 2015, YIDO (YDO) will begin management and operation in May and based on this know-how, it will not only carry out environmental (water treatment, landfill, landfill, incinerator, re-use, air), but also real estate (PM, FM, FM, LM, accommodation, and golf) projects.
YIDO will continue to challenge and innovate to become a leading global O&M platform company.

YIDO is an O&M platform company that makes innovation of existing processes such as Google, Amazon, and Kakao. YIDO's mission is to design the optimal 'experience' at the interface between users and providers, and to contribute to enhancing the 'quality of life' by providing 'fun' and 'benefit'.


  • Differentiate the platform - By applying ICBM to O&M markets, 'Differentiated Biz Platform' is created.
  • Differentiate services - The new Biz platform designs 'differentiated service experience' between shareholders (supply) and YIDO (operating) and customers (use).
  • Differentiate your satisfaction - Differentiated 'satisfaction' creates a steady flow/expand of customers, which in turn increases the value of shareholders' assets.


  • Since the fourth round of industry, icbm o and m, based on a rapid paengjang also under the needs (specialization and segmentation and personalized) to altitude rapidly than ever before.
  • On the other hand, the domestic O&M market has long enjoyed a 'short supply' special, and a 'lack of preparation' for future changes has become a major threat.
  • YIDO is building a new concept 'O&M platform' that incorporates ICBMs into its existing O&M business in line with this trend.
  • Just as all tributaries eventually converge into the ocean, the YIDO O&M platform will be a 'destination' that brings industry tributaries together.

* ICBM = IoT/Cloud/Bigdata/Mobile

May your customers, shareholders, investors and families be filled with happiness.