Infrastructure O&M Business

YIDO manages and operates all aspects of operation and maintenance, including bridges, tunnels, major highways and arterial highways, ITS, airports, ports and railways.

Business Introduction

We promise you the success of the Infrastructure O&M Business

" The infrastructure O&M business team not only operates social infrastructure such as highways, railways, bridges, tunnels in terms of simple maintenance, but also operate and manage with responsibility on behalf of customers based on the most optimized O&M Total Solution in all areas of facilities operation and business management. The Infra O&M Business Team’s goal is to systematically analyze the customer’s asset information in order to maximize the customer’s asset value through a perfect maintenance system.
In addition, YIDO will create a Safe and happy infrastructure environment to provide YIDO’s specialized infrastructure services to all users.
YIDO’s Infrastructure O&M Business Team will work tirelessly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide customers a path to success and happiness. "

YIDO Infrastructure O&M Business Division

Infra O&M Business


YIDO’s goal is to create a safe highway environment that is reliable to users. To provide world-class traffic safety, YIDO put together road and cutting-edge IT technologies to provide users with faster, more pleasant and safer services to another level. In addition, Yido provides total integrated management operation services for all areas of the road, including the maintenance of special bridges, long tunnels and other facilities.

Road Maintenance and traffic management

  • - For the convenience and safety of the users, we patrol the management areas around the clock (24 hours a day) and also monitor constantly through CCTV recordings.
  • - We minimize secondary damages by taking measures and promptly responding to emergency situations. We also actively deal with regulating overloaded vehicles, unauthorized use of roads and citizen complaints.

Integrated traffic information system maintenance

  • - Through the maintenance and operation of cutting-edge IT technology and road information and communication facilities, we provide faster and accurate information on road information and provide safe and convenient road use services with the 24-hour road monitoring system.

Operation Sites

Yongseo Highway

Service name: Yongin~Seoul Highway operation and management of private investment facilities
Location: 260, Seongbok 1-ro, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
Services: Sales management, road patrol, system management, facility management
Client: Gyungsu Highway

Cheonnon Highway

Service name: Cheonan~Nonsan Highway operation and management of private investment facilities
Location: 103, Bongjeong-gil, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do
Services: Sales management, road management, facility management, traffic management, system management
Client: Cheonan Nonsan Highway

Gyeonggi West Sales Office

Service name: West Suwon~ Osan~ Pyeongtaek Highway private investment business
Location: 243-89, Choerubaek-ro, Bongdam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
Services: Sales management, system management
Client: Gyeong-gi Highway

Infra O&M Business


Bridges are divided into suspension bridges, cable-stayed bridges, Truss bridges and etc. according to the structure. These bridges must be operated professionally. Yido employees have the best expertise in the industry. Through extensive skills, experience and know-how, they take preventive measures in bridge management and carry out safety as well as economic maintenance. We are committed to do our best to eliminate unexpected dangers that could happen during maintenance and minimize inconvenience to users.
To carry out work efficiently, staffs systematically build cutting-edge technology and experience and utilize application programs to provide excellent service in all areas of special bridge maintenance.

Special bridge Maintenance

  • - Through the analysis of the life-cycle of special bridges that are in common use, Maintenance and reinvestment costs are considered and the best maintenance is carried out.
  • - In order to enhance the safety and convenience of bridge users, regular safety check and bridge maintenance system are operated. A real-time status of bridges through remote monitoring BHMS (Bridge Health Monitoring System) is operated and maintained to ensure the stability of the customer’s assets.

Operation Sites:

Ulsan Bridge

Service name: Ulsan Bridge and connecting roads integrated operation management
Location: 215, Bongsu-ro, Dong-gu, Ulsan, Republic of Korea
Services: Sales Management, road management, facility management, traffic management, system management
Client: Ulsan Harbor Bridge

Infra O&M Business


For customers to use tunnels managed by Yido more safely, we manage tunnels by focusing on preventive management system. Through finding a maintenance approach to prevent accidents, we eliminate risk factors beforehand, ensure the stability of the structure and carry out systematic regular inspections, in-depth inspections and emergency inspections.

Long Tunnel Maintenance

  • - Through the maintenance of highway tunnels and long tunnels of local provincial governments, we have economical management technology to minimize the predicted current and future maintenance costs.
  • - Through regular safety inspection, internal training and joint-forces disaster training, a smoother and more pleasant environment is created for tunnel users.

Operation Sites

Paryong Tunnel

Service name: Paryong Tunnel operation and management of private investment facilities consignment
Location: 296, Paryong-ro, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
Services: Sales management, road management, facility management, traffic management, system management
Client: Paryong Tunnel

Sujeongssan Tunnel

Service name: Sujeongsan Tunnel Sales and facility management consignment
Location: 136, Gaya-daero 552 beon-gil, Busanjin-gu, Busan
Services: Sales management, road management, facility management, traffic management, system management
Client: Sujeongsan Investment

Infra O&M Business


YIDO’s Railway O&M Platform is operating in all areas of the railroad industry in Korea. The railway management operation provides management and operation services in various areas including, railways, subways, light rail, tram and etc. with a goal to provide safety and punctuality to satisfy the passengers and logistics clients. It also provides integrated engineering services that extends the asset lifecycle and prevent accidents and operational problems through technical cooperation and include preventive maintenance systems for facility and vehicle maintenance. Furthermore, while providing passengers with a comfortable and safe railway, YIDO has become a new standard in railway operation.

Customer Benefits

Yido’s Infrastructure Business Team takes the “Integrated Management Service customized for customers” as its core service value. Core Service value for our customers :

First, from project planning and designing to construction, operation and maintenance, Yido provides integrated management operation services and methods to meet the needs of clients effectively.

Second, we propose for a operation management team to meet the needs of the client and the specific characteristics of the assets. We also put the client’s interests as the top priority through operation with responsibility in the whole operation.

Third, we maximize the customer’s profitability through in-depth observation and data research and compiling data of our business sites. We operate transparently to generate customer profits with honest minds and honest values.

Finally, we provide the best service to maximize the customers’ satisfaction and to make sure there are no complaints and inconvenience, to ensure customers are comfortable and safe when using these facilities.