Dormitory & Housing

Through a professional integrated management and operation system, YIDO provides comfortable and safe living environments and convenient housing services 24 hours a day, 365days a year.

Dormitory & Housing

High School Students Dormitory

YIDO provides a homelike space that is both comfortable and safe for our students, and a distraction-free environment conducive to academic success.

We provide in-house staff and a professional management system that performs all necessary tasks.

Our Track record of satisfied students, parents and school demonstrate the efficacy and reliability of our proprietary dormitory management system.

Business Features

Consignment Service

  • Residents are offered a variety of services, including personal and academic counselling, community life education, community events, stress management programs, administrative services, facilities management, and security services.
  • In-house staff are on call 24/7 to ensure smooth operation.

Student Housing Management Consulting

  • Our tried and tested consultants provide expert advice ranging from facilities design, access management systems, and HR management to meet school’s needs.
  • Our comprehensive services cover planning, construction, opening and management

Staffing & Outsourcing

  • We provide staffing solutions for administration, counselling and kindergarten assistance.


  • Ensured compliance with Gyeonggi-do school dormitory standard operation model and operation guidelines. (Gyeonggi-do Office of Education policy research project)
  • Establishment of “Life Guidance Training Center”, subject to the Lifelong Education Act.
  • Training for Life guidance education center life guidance teachers and certification of educational institutions and completion of the courses.

Operating site

  • High school: Baejae High School, Buk-il Girls High School, Dongtan International High School, Seongnam Foreign High School Dormitory etc.
  • Kindergarten: Samsung Saetbyul Kindergarten. (personnel and facility management)

Dormitory & Housing

University Students Dormitory

YIDO operates dormitories so that students will step up to the next level to become a stepping stone to a career after university through getting sufficient rest, learning and cohabitation.

To serve as a major support facility for a successful college life, YIDO carries out all tasks needed to operate dormitories through a professional operating system.

Business Features

Consignment service

  • All services are provided to operate safe and comfortable dormitories, from overall administrative tasks for dormitory operation to student life guidance, cohabitation education program, events and programs, facility management, cleaning management, security management and etc.
  • Dormitory consignment management is the best alternative to reduce problems such as an expanding operating organization, contracted employment, expansion of business scope and etc. and provide customized services tailored to the school’s needs.

Opening Consulting

  • Provides consulting to prepare for the opening of various types of university housing facilities such as dormitories, guest houses, foreign student dormitories and etc. and provide the establishment of operation plans and regulations, promotions, new employee recruiting, and facility management.
  • Through thorough preparation of the school’s needs and employee characteristics that reflect space composition, access management system that considers user movement, personnel that reflect daily and service standards, we provide support so that the operation could be run smoothly.

International Dormitory

  • We provide services to reflect each school’s characteristics so that foreign students who are living in unfamiliar environments could adapt to their dormitory life and focus on their studies.


  • Study on the development of the operation and the standard operating model for Gyeonggi Province School dormitories, Gyeonggi Province Department of Education Policy Research Project
  • Establishment of “Life Guidance Training Center”, subject to the Lifelong Education Act
  • Training for Life guidance education center life guidance teachers and certification of educational institutions and completion of the courses.

Operating site

  • University: Myeongji University, Jeonju University dormitory and many more

Dormitory & Housing

Corporate dormitories

Corporate dormitories provide workers with secured housing as a benefit, increasing retention.

YIDO provides integrated management services tailored to clients’ needs.

Business Features

Consignment Service

  • We provide all services needed for dormitory operation including HR management, administrative services, facility operation and maintenance services, security services, cleaning services and lease management services.
  • Companies can reduce operational costs and employee headcount and increase efficiency through consignment operations.

Corporate Dormitory Leasing Service

  • Dormitories operated by Yido are not only simple residential facilities, but also centres for rest and relaxation

Specialized corporate service

  • We provide customized services tailored to the company’s needs such as the desired operation method, employee characteristics and workplace environment

Operation site

  • Maesong dormitory

Client Benefits

YIDO’s Dormitory Business Team considers “Customized Integrated Management Service for Clients” as its core service value.

Firstly, we cater to the needs and characteristics of our residents during the entire design and planning stage.

Second, in addition to the facility maintenance such as facility operation and inspection, security management and environment management, HR and administrative management, co-living guidance, education program management, various programs and convenience services are also provided and customized to suit the age and characteristics of the employees.

Third, experts in each field provide services to satisfy the requirements of our residents.

Business Inquiries

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