Environmental O&M Business

YIDO has developed into a specialized company in the field of environmental O&M business through endless challenges, technology development, customer trust and experience for a pure and clean environment.

Business Introduction

“In line with global warming in the 21st century, limited resources and stricter environmental regulations, YIDO has grown into a specialized company in environmental energy business through continuous challenges, new technology development and accumulated O&M know-how.

Currently, many environmental projects are making various attempts at different sites to keep up with the government’s policies.
In line with the current trend, The Environmental O&M Business Division, with the Environmental Energy Business Team leading, focuses and are newly operating high value-added businesses such as waste, incineration, drying, utilities, water purification businesses. Recently, we have added a Water Environment Business Team to deal with water treatment facilities for recycling water resources through wastewater treatment operation.”

YIDO Enivronmental Business Division

Environmental O&M Business

Waste Water

Sewage treatment refers to the process of removing contaminants in domestic or industrial waste water (hereinafter referred to as lower waste water).

It minimizes environmental problems in water circulation or to re-use water that has been treated. The typical method used to treat waste water is biological treatment using microorganisms’ metabolic process. Among this, active sludge is the most common method.

Applied Technology

  [General Sewage Treatment Method]

·The process of filtering mud, sand and other particles that has flowed into the sewage water.
·The process of separating sediments and supernatants.
·The process of decomposing organic matter by supplying oxygen to aerobic microorganisms.
·The process of sending the pure water to the discharge site after the organic matter has sinked to the bottom.
·The process of filtering out water one more time in the filtration basin.
·The process of disinfecting one more time using chlorine and UV before being transferred to the discharge site.

Environmental O&M Business

Potable Water

Generally, purified water means using surface water (river, lake, etc.), underground water, sea water, stream water and other water resources to purify and supply it according to the user’s purpose, from drinking water to water for industrial use.

The treatment method is mainly composed of a combination of a solid-liquid separation step, filtration and disinfection. In general, when the purified water quality does not meet the management target even after the purification process, advanced water purification processes such as active carbon treatment method, ozone treatment method, bio treatment method and Membrane etc. are combined as a treatment method.

Applied technology:

[ General Water Treatment Method ]

· A process in which water is drawn from the source to the treatment facility.
· A process of injecting chemicals such as polyaluminium chloride, activated carbon and chlorine to remove harmful substances that are present in water.
· A process where sediments are formed by gathering impurities through the injected chemicals.
· A process where the condensed impurities go to the a sedimentation basin and the clear supernatant portion is classified to go to the filter basin.
· A process where impurities are filtered out one more time in the filter basin.

Operation Site

Yongyeon Water purification plant

Customer Benefits

YIDO’s Water Environment/Environmental Energy Business team provides an integrated Total Solution for customers.

First, we provide services ranging from consulting to financing, procurement of raw materials and construction of treatment facilities in the water treatment / waste and energy business.

Second, based on our extensive experience in water treatment/waste energy business and talented individuals with expertise in the industry, we have the necessary experts to provide insight in design, construction, commissioning and operation.

Third, we link and integrate various business sites in the environmental O&M business sector and provide synergy in the business.
From waste generation to collection, transportation, processing, disposal, re-use to the final disposal (landfill) process, we create and share synergies throughout various business sites so that our customer’s business will become more valuable.

YIDO’s Water Environment / Environmental energy business team will always provide the best service and meet the customers’ needs with open minds and play and active role.

Business Inquiries

Jong-hoon Park, Environmental Energy Business Team Leader. TEL : 02-2084-2240   /   Email : jh.park@yido.com